Course Testimonial Interview:

Joyce Li, Chinese Native Speaker: Primary School Teacher in Australia



Q) What accent problems did you have before you joined the course?


I remember there was a time when people asked me to repeat what I said all the time, even though I thought I was speaking brilliantly. The look on their face, the frowning... all indicated that they were trying hard to decipher what I said. Also Chinese friends of mine who had really good accents said that when I spoke English it was the same like hearing Chinese!



Q) How did your speaking improve from taking the course?


I found out that I said the sound that's in the word ‘air’ wrong in all words. I once told my friend that I wanted to get an ear fryer for cooking food and she looked at me strangely because I should have said ‘air fryer’! The course taught me the difference between confusing sounds like that so I could recongise my own mistakes. People also noticed changes to my speech. A Thai girl said that I spoke really clearly and at work colleagues said I sounded more British.



Q) What did you like about the course?


It was like drinking accent Red Bull because I got a lot more talkative than is normal to me. I even joined some group conversation classes because of feeling a lot better about my speaking.


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