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“Speak Like the British”

A Pronunciation Training Course That Improves Your Confidence

Introducing British Accent Training…An accent training course that...

Gives you the shortcuts to sounding British

Stops the annoying question ‘where are you from?’

Improves your conversations (no more repeating yourself because of not being understood)

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Why Learn a British Accent?

My students want to learn a British accent because they like the way it sounds, and they prefer it to American English. They often say that they love the United Kingdom, British music or our great works of lliterature.

A Deeper Reason...

There is often a deeper reason why my students put their time and effort into training their accent with me. My students want to feel confident when they are speaking English. Improving your pronunciation and accent makes you a more confident speaker.

Being misunderstood damages your confidence

Speaking accurately grows your confidence

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What British Accent Will You Learn?

This course teaches you a standard British accent (sometimes called BBC English or the Queen’s English). This is the accent of many famous Britons, such as Anthony Hopkins, Keira Knightley, Prince Harry, Jude Law, Judy Dench, Emma Watson, Hugh Grant, Cara Delevingne, Emilia Clarke and Simon Cowell.

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About Your Accent Trainer JADE JODDLE

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Jade Joddle teaches non-native speakers of English to Speak Well. Jade Joddle is not a naturally gifted speaker but she discovered practical techniques that allowed her to overcome her difficulties. Become the confident English speaker you want to be by following Jade’s practical pronunciation training method.

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About the Course Method

Learn the British Accent Essentials.

We learn the most important pronunciation topics which give you the greatest improvement to your British accent.

Practise, Practise, Practise

Follow the video presentation and repeat-after-me. Practice makes perfect!

Music and Rhythm

The music and rhythm of your British accent is something that most other teachers ignore from their lessons. This is wrong. On my course we pay close attention to music and rhythm because it is at the heart of sounding British.

Test Your Knowledge

Each lesson includes a final quiz to test what you have learnt.

Take the Fast track, Not the Slow Lane

Get the fastest possible results by avoiding the common mistakes of others. (*I will teach you the errors to avoid).

Exclusive Video Training

Get over 6 hours of British accent training lessons that are immediately available via a private link. These lessons are not published on YouTube (exclusive to students who join the course).

Speak Like the British: My Promise to You

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Train your accent with this course every day for one month and I promise you that your British accent and speaking confidence will improve. If you aren't satisfied with your results, I will refund you!

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