Get Professional British Accent -- The Fast and Efficient Way

Includes the most important lessons and effective repeat-after-me exercises to improve your accent and sound more professional at work.


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For non-native speakers who need to improve their English accent for work.

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This course gives you the following benefits...

More accurate pronunciation -- common mistakes removed

Feeling confident speaking English at work

Native speakers colleages will understand you more easily

Colleagues will be impressed with your accent

Course Method

6 hours and 44 minutes of essential accent training

Repeat-after-me method: practise individual words and phrases

Interesting and useful lessons about the most important pronunciation topics

Memory tricks to help you remember the right pronunciation

Active learning: end of lesson quizzes to reinforce what you learned

Structured learning: lessons include every important topic you need to know.

Turn on subtitles to understand everything that I’m saying

Lessons designed for repeat practice. Do them as many times as you need to maximise your results.

Get immediate access to the course on Vimeo. Lifetime access via your private link.

Use your laptop, smartphone or tablet to do the course. Lessons are on Vimeo so you will require an internet connection.

Note that this is a digital course which is accessed via a link. You will not receive any physical lessons materials in the mail.

About Your Accent Trainer JADE JODDLE

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“On my two YouTube channels I teach 1 million subscribers about all topics related to accent and speaking skills. By joining this course you get access to exclusive lessons not available elsewhere.”

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Do the repeat-after-me exercises included in this course everyday for one month and I promise you that your British accent will go up a level, which will create a more professional impression. If you don't get the results that I promise, I'll refund you.

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