Problem: Your accent and pronunciation has flaws that you are unaware of because your British friends and colleagues are too polite to tell you. You can fix these, but first you need to know what you're doing wrong!

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One of the worst cultural traits about the British is that they will never give you an honest or useful opinion about your accent because they are scared of offending you. To find out the truth about your accent and overall speaking style, you will need to get an expert opinion. Otherwise, you will only ever hear from your British friends and colleagues that your accent is 'good' --> which unfortunately for you, might be a polite lie.

Reasons to take the assessment test...

Before you start a pronunciation training course, it's good to know the level you are starting from. This is so you can measure your progress.

The well-known English exams like IELTS and TOEFL include unreliable accent tests that are mostly useless.

You are not able to observe your own flaws and weaknesses due to blindspots. My professional, trained eye will quickly notice issues that need improving.

I will hone in on your mistakes... but not as harshly as you criticise yourself.. and not as coldly as the eagle below:

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Why Jade Joddle is the right teacher to assess your accent and speaking...

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"I have been working with students from all over the world, training their accents and correcting their mistakes for over 8 years. This has given me a lot of experience in close listening, which is the ability to concentrate on small accent features that most people can't hear or notice in speech. In your accent assessment, I combine technical information about your speech with a zoomed out view of the impression that you make on me as a listener. I highly recommend this test to students who are committed to the goal of speaking well in English." -- Jade Joddle

Here's how the assessment happens...

Take the accent assessment test

Email your recorded answers to Jade Joddle

Get detailed feedback on your accent in an audio MP3 recording

Discover your accent strengths and weaknesses

Get Jade's tips and advice for how to improve your speaking

You will receive your assessment within 72 hours of emailling Jade your test answers.

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Accent Assessment Reviews

"The assessment done by you was very valuable to me. To have a professional identify areas for improvement is hugely beneficial because I can start improving with self study." - Maria, Spain.

"Thanks for your comprehensive feedback. I particularly loved the part about voice modulation and what it'd mean for me in professional/ social contexts." - Andrii, Denmark.

"I really valued your outside opinion on my progress because I now know where to concentrate my efforts going forward. The experience of taking the assessment was a real confidence boost". - Luca, Italy.

"It was amazing to get your opinion on my speech. You heard so many small details that I was completely unaware of and now I know the quick fixes to make." - Sergey, Russia.

"Wow! I felt really seen by you. Thanks so much for explaining your impressions about my speech so vividly and visually."

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